Reservoir Analysis Short Course:

"Wireline Logging Yesterday and Today"

2:00 PM

Friday October 5, 2012

Conducted by Mr. Bob Mitchell, log analyst in the Mid-Continent for 37 years, and ThruBit Logging Solutions. 

Mr. Mitchell will visit examples of wildcat wells that have been plugged only to be found later to be large producers.  Wireline logs from the 1930's to the present will be evaluated quickly and thoroughly as needed to satisfy the requirements of the exploration geologist and the reservoir engineer.

A ThruBit representative will discuss the different methods to evaluate horizontally drilled wells as well as the respective costs and advantages/disadvantages of each method.

ThruBit Logging Solutions utilizes advanced 2-1/8" logging tools to acquire open-hole log data in both conventional vertical wellbores and unconventional horizontal wellbores.  By utilizing patented technology, ThruBit can acquire open-hole log data in horizontal wells in a low risk and efficient manner.  During the presentation, we will discuss the conveyance procedure for horizontal logging operations and will review log examples from the Mississippian, Cleveland, Granite Wash, and Bakken formations.